Restore-A-Deck will follow a comprehensive wood cleaning process. We will call prior to scheduling your job. Unlike our competitors, we don’t just show up. This will give you notice of who will be on your deck and when. We will ask that your doors and windows be closed and your outside water turned on. This will give you control of your job.

This is a four step process

Step 1: Application of cleaning agents

Preparation is key to the success in restoration of your deck, fences, log home or any wooden structure. We will tarp the vegetation and/or cover small bushes. It is not perfect but much more effective than flooding your plants with water, that does not work.

Step 2: Power washing

Our trained professional technicians will always use low pressure wash. Again the cleaners have already done the work for us. We see a lot of decks with cut marks in the wood. These lines cut into the wood are because of high pressure and inexperience. We have our pressure washers set at 1500 psi.

Step 3: Neutralizing the deck

One of the most important steps in the entire process is the neutralization of the cleaning agents previously applied. This balances the PH of the wood as well as removing stubborn tannin staining. This is accomplished by the use of our specially blended brightening agents. After application and a short dwell time, a final rinse of the entire surfaces is clone.

Step 4: Sealing/Staining

After one to three dry days, we will be out to finish the job. We brush in the sealer/stain, this gives direct contact to the wood, control of the sealer/stain and penetration deep into the wood fibers. We always apply two coats to the decking, top of steps and top of rails. Other services quote one coat and charge for a second coat.